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Dream catchers are more than just beautiful hippie-style home decorations. They hold a deeper meaning and are perfect gifts for loved ones. The purpose of a dream catcher is to protect individuals from bad dreams, making it a symbolic gesture of good intentions when presented as a gift. As we know, our thoughts have the tendency to manifest, so offering a dream catcher signifies positive wishes for the recipient.

Dream catchers can also be used as wedding decor, adding a touch of symbolism and charm to the occasion. Hanging a dream catcher above the bed creates an enchanting atmosphere during the night. As the air moves freely through the wicker web of the dream catcher, it captures dreams that circle nearby. Good dreams easily pass through the weaving, falling upon the sleeper and evoking positive visions. On the other hand, bad dreams, unaware of the path, become entangled in the web of the dream catcher and dissolve when touched by the first rays of the sun.

By gifting a dream catcher, you are not only presenting a beautiful piece of art but also offering a symbol of protection, positive energy, and the power to manifest dreams and aspirations. It's a heartfelt gesture that holds deep meaning and can bring joy, comfort, and positive vibes to the recipient's life.

Dream Catcher - Extra Large Collection


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  • At The Macrame Corridor, we infuse each Dream Catcher with love and positivity as they are meticulously handwoven. Our gorgeous dream catchers serve the purpose of protecting the sleeper from negative dreams, allowing only positive dreams to pass through. In addition to their protective function, we have carefully incorporated the benefits of color psychology into our designs. This ensures that each dream catcher not only brings beauty but also promotes happiness and optimism. Experience the harmonious blend of art and positive energy with our exquisite dream catchers from The Macrame Corridor.

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